Why DST?

Singular Focus

We counsel individual investors in the recovery of investment losses. This is our singular focus and we are very good at it. When your fund has suffered damages from $1 million to $1 billion, we can provide you expert advice borne of years litigating the most complex securities fraud actions in the world.


We founded Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP to represent institutional investors in only a small number of the most meritorious securities fraud cases. We refuse to waste our time or yours by pursuing weak cases. By focusing on quality over quantity, our founders remain true to our commitment to personally prosecute every aspect of your case. Large law firms tackle big cases with teams of attorneys, vesting decision making authority with a partner that is several layers of bureaucracy removed from the facts of your case. At DST, our philosophy is different. We do not assign anonymous associates or contract attorneys the hard work of protecting your rights.


At DST, our primary objective is to maximize your recovery. We have no divided loyalties. DST does not prosecute securities class actions. Some plaintiffs-side securities class action law firms dabble in filing individual actions, but their bread-and-butter continues to be in the class action arena. DST does not represent defendants in securities fraud actions. Some defense-oriented firms look to cash-in by stepping across the aisle. At DST, we suffer no identity crisis; we only represent individual investors.


We have extensive experience litigating both securities class actions and individual cases. This provides our firm with unique insight from which we can counsel your fund in deciding whether an individual action is right for you. Having spent much of our professional careers in the securities class action bar, we know how to spot cheap class action settlements. As leaders in the movement to opt out of class action settlements, we have the expertise to recommend whether your fund should participate in a class action settlement or seek a larger recovery through an individual action. This unique combination of expertise allows DST to provide unparalleled counsel to our clients.


DST will never seek media attention or publicity at your expense. Unlike many lawyers, we appreciate your desire to avoid publicity of a large investment loss and we take every step possible to minimize such scrutiny.


If we recommend your fund file an action, you can rest assured we stand behind that recommendation. We work on a contingency fee basis, and are paid only by what we can recover of your investment loss. For your benefit, as well as ours, we prosecute only highly meritorious cases.