Our Firm

Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP is a litigation boutique focused on the recovery of institutional investors' fraud-related investment losses. Our practice is dedicated to prosecuting individual securities actions, sometimes referred to as opt out cases because our clients have chosen to opt out of participating in a securities class action. Prior to forming Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP, our founders worked together for years in the most preeminent securities class action law firms in the country successfully litigating some of the most complex and notorious frauds of the last decade. We are quite comfortable litigating against corporate behemoths, Wall Street bankers, and armies of defense attorneys. Our work product is second to none. Recognizing that individual institutional investors' interests are oftentimes not sufficiently represented by the class action mechanism, we created Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP with a firm commitment to three unyielding foundational principles: providing a superior alternative to class action securities litigation; prosecuting only the most meritorious securities fraud actions; and, always putting our clients' interests first.

Our Mission

Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP offers an alternative to institutional investors dissatisfied with a pro rata share of the typical securities class action settlement and frustrated by the extended time it takes to receive what often amounts to a pennies-on-the-dollar recovery.

We are committed to doing things differently. At DST we work to maximize our clients’ recoveries – not our own. We seek to recover a greater percentage of investment losses than the typical class action by representing individual investors rather than an entire class.

The lawyers of Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP are experienced in evaluating the merits of securities fraud actions and counseling large institutional investors on the risks and benefits of pursuing individual actions. If you have large investment losses as a result of securities fraud, and you want more than the typical securities class action settlement recovery provides, it is our mission to help you.

Practice Area

Our practice is dedicated to representing defrauded investors, one at a time. Dietrich Siben Thorpe LLP does not represent defendants, nor do we bring class action cases. We believe that our unique focus on investor representation better aligns our interests with those of our clients, thereby maximizing our clients' recoveries.